Kessler Pocket Jib PRO
Kessler Pocket Jib PROKessler Pocket Jib PROKessler Pocket Jib PROKessler Pocket Jib PRO

Kessler Pocket Jib PRO

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Der Kessler Pocket Jib PRO ist der schwerste und stabilste der Pocket Jib Serie, wenn es darum geht grössere Kameras und Rigings zu bedienen. Der Pocket Jib Pro Ausleger kann, dank dem Dual-Arm-Design, in jeder Länge bis 25kg tragen.
Dual Purpose Production Tool
Not only is the Pocket Jib PRO a world class jib it can also mount Kessler sliders, turning it into a virtual ""all-in-one"" production tool, offering both a jib and mini-dolly in one unit

Quick Set Up
Ease of packability and minimum set-up time required for the Pocket Jib PRO maximze it's versatility. Perfect for studio or in-the-field applications.

Drag Control
Included drag control provides increased control for users to attain the smoothest shots possible. Because the tension is adjustable, each user can fine tune the necessary drag for their rig and application.

Locking Mechanism
When the Pocket Jib PRO isn't in use or a static shot is required, the included locking pin allows users to securely lock the jib in place, protecting equipment and removing movement from the Jib.

Lifetime Warranty
Backed by our manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty, we guarantee that it is free from defects in material and workmanship, otherwise we'll fix it.
In The Box (1) Pocket Jib Pro
(1) Toolkit ([2] 1/4-20 Hercules Head Knobs, [4] 1/4-20 Wing Nut, [8] 1/4-20 Washers, [4] 1/4-20x1-1/4" Hex Bolt) 
(2) Weight Clamps 
(1) Ball Relocator with Knob
Tech Specs Weight: 25 LBS 
Length: 83.5" to end of ball relocator 76" to end of platform 
Folded/Compacted Length: 46" 
Distance from Tripod to Camera: min 32ʺ(81.2cm) to Max 57ʺ (144.7cm) 
Total Vertical Movement: 81" 
Circular Travel: 114" 
Dimensions: 74.5" x 9.25" x 10" 

Manfrotto MVAQR Quick release catcher-small

Manfrotto MVAQR Quick release catcher-small


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Kessler Pocket Jib Swivel Mount Only

Kessler K-Pod Tripod System™
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Kessler K-Pod Tripod System™


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Kessler Pocket Jib PRO Custom Case

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