Sounddevices 552 5-input field production mixer, built-in two-channel recorder (SD/SDHC card), *1)
Sounddevices 633 6-input compact mixer with integrated 10-track recorder, time code, SD & CF slot, P
Sounddevices 664 12-input field production mixer, 16 tracks recording, time code, CF and SD-slot, *1
SOUND DEVICES 702T Portable time code-enabled digital audio recorder, 2-channel, CF only, 1)
Sound Devices MixPre-10 II - 8 XLR/TRS Combo input 12-track audio recorder, Timecode, 32bit float re
Sound Devices MixPre-3 II - 3 XLR input 5-track audio recorder, 32bit float recording, 192kHz, Timec
Sound Devices MixPre-6 II - 4 XLR/TRS Combo input 8-track audio recorder, 32bit float recording,192k
ZOOM F4 Fieldrekorder mit 6 Eingangskanälen und Aufnahme bis 8 Spuren.
Zoom F6 Multitrack Field Recorder 6 Kanal
Zoom F8 FIELD RECORDERS & ACCESSORIES - 10 Track Field Recorder
Zoom F8n FIELD RECORDERS & ACCESSORIES - 10 Track Field Recorder

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