Consultation is an essential part of our sales understanding. Our trained experts will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your production technology. The focus is always on your needs. For your individual requirement and the available budget, we offer you the optimal and most cost-effective solution.

With us as your partner, you will secure the necessary ability to act and compete in order to be and remain successful in the long term.


Our rental service includes the rental of cameras and players/recorders of the most commonly used formats vie XDcam, HDCam, P2, AVCHD, H264 and others. Of course, we also provide you with all additional equipment such as: tripods, mixers, monitors, sound and light. Can't find the equipment you need in our regularly updated range? Please contact us directly and we will try to make the impossible possible.


After our customers have found their suitable equipment with us, we naturally do not leave them alone with the new technical challenges. We offer, both in the area of production and postproduction, various user trainings and workshops.


With our wide product portfolio we can offer you, as a retail store, interesting distribution conditions.

For an initial discussion, please have the following documents ready:

- Where is your company located and in what field are you active.
- What are the main products you sell.
- Complete contact details.
- Copy from HR statement.

Once we have reviewed and assessed you, we will then provide you with appropriate information on how to proceed.

Planning / Projects 

Our technical department provides a variety of services necessary for the planning, construction and operation of a TV station. Regardless of whether it is a television station, internet video or coorperate video. In cooperation with leading brands, the studio, production and broadcast technology are planned and realized in consultation with the customer.


Your concerns are important to us. Due to our system independence, we can respond specifically to your needs. We deliver your turnkey product from idea to completion.

Some of our reference installations



Banking, insurance & industry


A complete studio building, in which no structural measures may be made. As a result, we have to work out a room-in-room solution that allows the client to remain flexible with lighting and camera settings. With an adjustable rail grid, lighting, background, acoustics, room separation, miking, and if necessary cameras can be integrated.


  • Coorperate videos
  • Product and image films
  • Media communications
  • Livestreaming for Intra- or/and Internet


  • Cameras and tripods
  • Teleprompters
  • Live production mixers
  • Video servers
  • Light grid
  • Light
  • Microphony
  • Curtain concept
  • cutting system
  • streaming server


Universities, (CHUV, Neuchâtel, Zurich)



Multicamera recording and livestreaming of events, operations, and training-related content, with a mobile studio control room.


  • Coorperate Videos
  • E-learning
  • Media Communications
  • Livestreaming for Intra- or/and Internet
  • Content share with other universities
  • Project documentation


  • 4 cameras
  • Fiber hybrid camera cable with power routing integrated
  • .
  • 1x image mixer 1ME
  • 2x recorders
  • Camera communication / intercom
  • Crossbar
  • Livestreaming
  • Rack construction



Production companies



Multicamera live production and streaming with cameras, which can be used as ENG as well as in the studio. Parallel recording is used as mutlimedial reuse and archiving for the customer. Einspielung of preproduced content as well as graphics of the different genres (sports, GV's, presentations, to home shopping) are an important part of the concept.


  • general meetings
  • Coorperate Videos
  • Sporting events
  • Livestreaming
  • Large-scale events
  • Podcast
  • Concerts
  • Openairs
  • Elections
  • Worship services / church occasions


  • 4 shoulder cameras
  • 4ME video mixers
  • 12m crane
  • SSD Recorder
  • Intercom
  • Videoserver
  • Network integration
  • streaming box
  • Crossbar
  • Monitoring


Orthodontic practice



Recording and mixing of three camera signals in total, close-up and electron microscope. A combined PTZ camera was used for the wide shot and close-up, which is controlled wirelessly by the assistant via a tablet. The output signal of the image mixer, which is also controlled wirelessly via a tablet, is recorded on SSD (SolidStateDisk) and transmitted wirelessly to other rooms of the hospital. The evaluation of the content serves for national and international training purposes.


  • E-Learning
  • Livestreaming
  • Training
  • Operational techniques
  • Documentation and archiving
  • Contentshare


  • Combination pan-tilt camera for close-up and wide-angle
  • .
  • Crane for overhead perspective
  • Recorder SSD
  • Image mixer 1ME
  • Wireless control software
  • Wireless intercom system