Our team


Jose Garcia




Jose trained as an audio and video electronics engineer and spent 7 years at Sony Professional, where he was a system support engineer for SRG and private television stations. Since 2005 he has been working for Schweizer AG as a business manager.



Claudio Unternährer




Working in the field of video & audio technology since 1991, he joined Schweizer AG in 2006 and is a member of the management team. Claudio takes care of projects, private TV stations, key accounts and our specialized trade partners. He is married, has two daughters and a son.



Adrian Welti




After several years of experience in the UE industry, Adrian joined us in 2011. Adrian will be happy to answer your questions. His main focus is on handheld camcorders and their accessories.



Rahel Honegger




Rahel has been working in the photo and video industry as a consultant and salesperson since 2013. Her passion for this industry is visibly noticeable and through her open and careful way of working, we know that the rental is still in good hands.



Matthias Zurbriggen




Matthias has been working both creatively and technically in the audiovisual media world for years. As a system engineer he realized numerous AV projects, especially post-production video studios with IT/SAN solutions. He has experience as a producer, motion designer and multimedia producer.

Lukas Kaufmann

Logistics / Repairs



Always interested in technology, Lukas completed an apprenticeship in the UE trade and gained 12 years of experience. Since 2011 he was responsible for the rental at Schweizer AG and has decided in 2019 to switch to logistics to ensure a smooth logistics process and repairs.

Karin Krampelhuber




For several years, Karin has spent her "spare time" in administration. If you receive your carefully selected high-tech items at the right time, you now know who is responsible for them.

Andreia Garcia

Head of Finance, Accounting & Administration



After working for several years as a businesswoman for Swiss Post, Andreia switched to the executive search industry, where she worked for four years as Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper and another three years as Project Consultant. After seven and a half years, she is now returning to her roots and will be happy to serve you as Head of Finance, Accounting & Administration with verve and commitment.